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Welcome to the =Fw= Found-Wanting website,
As many of you will notice the new website design has been launched and everyone is required to register again to access the forums, gallery and added features.

=Fw= Found-Wanting clan is now 10 years old as of July 2017.

We formed the clan in 2007 while gaming on Battlefield 2 right through to this day where we can be seen playing Battlefield 1, Arma 3, PlayerUnkownsBattleGround plus a few others.

The Admin/Founders of =Fw= would like to welcome anyone looking for a decent group of people to game with on a regular basis, we are built up with members from all parts of the UK and even have some EU members amongst us.
If you're looking for a community to game with, please include the following info in your recruitment post.

Launguage Spoken:
Steam ID/Origin ID:
How you found =Fw=?:
Current Games Playing:

Please confirm you are happy to use TeamSpeak3 and a headset, whilst we understand not everyone wants to talk it does help when playing as part of a community.


Username or Email:


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  • villan
    villan  1 day ago

    Two young boys walked into a pharmacy one day, picked out a box of tampons and proceeded to the checkout counter.
    The pharmacist at the counter asked the older boy, 'Son, how old are you?'
    'Eight', the boy replied.
    The man continued, 'Do you know what these are used for?'
    The boy replied, 'Not exactly, but they aren't for me. They're for him. He's my brother. He's four."
    "Oh, really?" the pharmacist replied with a grin.
    "Yes." the boy said. "We saw on TV that if you use these, you would be able to swim, play tennis and ride a bike. Right now, he can't do none of those

  • villan
    villan  2 days ago

    Ra5ta buys a bath. Next day he takes it back sayin the water keeps runnin out, manager says 2 him "did u buy a plug" he said "u c*nt, u didnt tel me it was electric angry

  • villan
    villan  2 months ago

    My wife says i only have 2 faults.

    I don't listen and some other shit she was rattling on about.

  • villan
    villan  2 months ago

    What does a dwarf get if he runs through a womans legs?

    A clit round the ear and a flap across the face. amazed

  • villan
    villan  3 months ago

    A man driving a car hits a woman. Whose fault is it? The man's. Why was he driving in the kitchen?