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  • villan
    villan  2 months ago

    Reporter: "Excuse me, may I interview you?"
    Man: "Yes!"
    Reporter: "Name?"
    Man: "Abdul Al-Rhazim."
    Reporter: "Sex?"
    Man: "Three to five times a week."
    Reporter: "No no! I mean male or female?"
    Man: "Yes, male, female... sometimes camel."
    Reporter: "Holy cow!"
    Man: "Yes, cow, sheep... animals in general."
    Reporter: "But isn't that hostile?"
    Man: "Yes, horse style, dog style, any style."
    Reporter: "Oh dear!"
    Man: "No, no deer. Deer run too fast. Hard to catch."

  • Ra5ta
    Ra5ta  3 months ago

    Hell Let Loose Alpha now out!!!

  • villan
    villan  3 months ago

    Q: What did the poof do when he missed his boyfriend?
    A: He shit in his hand and had a wank.

  • Ra5ta
    Ra5ta  3 months ago

    You should be able to see forums again pal

  • Ra5ta
    Ra5ta  3 months ago

    wonder check pm