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  • Welcome to the Clan recruiting forum.

    Before posting to recruit for players or looking for a team to join we ask that you take the following into account and abide by some simple rules.

    When posting to recruit or find a team to join you should include the following information...

    What version(s) of the game you have and play
    What time zone you play under
    Its also worth detailing the type of player you are... fanatical playing 7 nights a week, or casual and only one or 2 as the fancy takes you

    We may recruit based on time zones, maturity (not age), and game play ability but you must NOT recruit or apply on the basis of....Race, Religion, National Origin, Age, Special Interest or other similar segregation groupings.

    Please respect the fact that these boards are open to people from all over the world from all types of backgrounds. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Lastly, please search through existing recruitment threads. Please do not make a "I need a clan" post, doing this will avoid mass amounts of threads, and will make it easier for you to navigate through the forum. "I need a clan" threads will be locked. Thank you.


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  • villan
    villan  1 month ago

    A man driving a car hits a woman. Whose fault is it? The man's. Why was he driving in the kitchen?

  • villan
    villan  1 month ago

    Q: Is Google male or female?

    A: Female, because it doesn't let you finish a sentence before making a suggestion.

  • villan
    villan  3 months ago

    two fish in a tank; one says 'are you sure you can drive this thing'.

    UKSTONE  4 months ago

    Who’s up for logging in and out of Origin for 35 minutes before playing a squad game of BFV? Me me me me!!

    On from 8 don’t be late!!!

  • Ra5ta